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Look at our services page for a brief description of our capabilities. Download company profile and also the project profile to find out how we can help your business.
Explore our Resources page for few free online tools we provide to make your job easier.
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This page has few free utilities for NX.
2D Metric Fasteners Download
2D Fasteners
This utility creates Socket Head Cap Screws, Socket Head Countersunk Screws, Socket Head Shoulder Screws and Tapped Holes in plan view or section view. In section view the standard screw length for the particaular screw size is automatically chosen depending upon the distance between selected lines. This NX journal is written in C#.

This program will be very handy for anyone creating a quick 2D concept or layout drawing.

Download the 2DMetricFasteners.zip file. This file contains the 2DMetricFasteners folder. Place this folder in the directory pointing to 'UGII_SITE_DIR' NX environment variable.

For more details read the 'ReadMe.txt' file in the 2DFasteners folder.
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