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Services We Provide
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Technisites provides a broad range of services to the engineering industry in CAD & Internet related areas.
3D Product Design
Quality Solid modeling services using Unigraphics NX.
Key Benefits
* Fully parametric models built to customer specifications.
* Design for low cost manufacturability without compromising function or aesthetics
* 3D models provides better visualization and reduce development and debugging time.
* Save time and cost in down-stream applications.
* Industries served include automotive, homeware and medical sectors
Mould, Press-Tool, SPM, Jig and Fixture Design
Reliable and high quality Designs for all kinds of Moulds, Press Tools, Special Purpose Machines, Measuring Jigs, Assembly and Welding Fixtures.
Key Benefits
* Tools are designed in Solids using NX.
* Parametric design with master model approach helps propagate design changes from    part to model to drawings easily.
* Data can be exchanged using STEP, Parasolid or IGES formats.
* Experienced in designing moulds for automotive, homeware and medical industry.
* Specialized in designing stamping tools for electronic components.
CAD Consultancy
We are highly experienced in customising and implementing CAD applications.

We specialize in customizing Unigraphics NX to suit your needs. We have a large database of Standard Parts in
     Metric and English created using Part Families. These models have smart capabilities built into them to reduce the
     time it takes to mate them and position them in an assembly.
Key Benefits
* Customize your CAD software to suit the needs of your organization.
* Repetitive tasks can be automated, thus saving time and money.
* Time consuming operations can be scheduled to be performed overnight.
* Custom applications written with C, C++, C# .Net and VB .Net
* Office applications can be integrated with your CAD software.
* Utilize our standard part library for Unigraphics NX.
File Translation
We translate part files between Unigraphics NX and other CAD systems.
* STEP, Parasolid, JT, IGES and DXF/DWG
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